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How to use eXtended screenshot tool?

What can i do with xScreenshot?
Icon Action Hot key Description Example
Crop Crop CTRL+1
The Crop tool removes the part of screenshot surrounding the crop marquee, or selection. Cropping is useful for removing distracting background elements and creating a focus for requiered area on screenshot.
Arrow Arrow CTRL+2
Draw simple Arrow
Draw arrow
Rectangle Rectangle CTRL+3
This can be used to draw rectangles.
Draw rectangle
Ellipse Ellipse CTRL+4
This can be used to draw ellipses and circles.
Draw ellipse
Line Line CTRL+5
Draw line
Draw line
Pencil Pencil CTRL+6
The Pencil can be used for drawing 1-pixel (or selected width) at a time, or what is essentially an antialiased freeform brush.
Draw line with pencil
Text Text  
This tool allows you to type text on to the screenshot. When this tool is active you need one time click on the screenshot where you want to type a text. Then you will see text editor window with possibility change font and color.
Draw text
Picture Add picture  
Add another picture inside screenshot. Support JPEG and PNG formats. Can be used for combine few screenshots in one image or add existing images on the screenshot.
Add another picture inside screenshot
Blur Blur  
This applies a standard blur to the image, which uses the Gaussian blur formula. Blur area can be used for hide a part of screenshot under blur (passwords, links, texts). This effect is useful for adding the illusion of motion to an image, as if the picture had been taken with a moving subject and longer exposure time.
Color Color  
Change pen color. Select whether you would like to pick your primary color.
Change pen color
Width Width  
Change pen width
Change pen width
Save Save  
Save screenshot to file. Support JPEG and PNG formats.
Upload Upload  
Upload screenshot on server
See example
Bug arrow Bug arrow  
Draw bug arrow
Bug arrow
OK arrow OK arrow  
Draw OK arrow
Draw OK arrow
Question arrow Question arrow  
Draw Question arrow
Question arrow
WTF? arrow WTF? arrow  
Draw WTF? arrow
Draw WTF? arrow
Numbered arrows Numbered arrow  
Draw numbered arrow
Draw Numbered arrows
Cancel Cancel arrow  
Draw cancel arrow
Draw Cancel arrow
Right mouse click arrow Right mouse arrow  
Draw right mouse click arrow
Draw Right mouse click arrow
Left mouse click arrow Left mouse arrow  
Draw left mouse click arrow
Draw Left mouse click arrow
Blonde Blonde arrow  
Draw blonde arrow
Draw Blonde arrow
Boxing Box  
Destroing your screen :) glass surface
Delete Delete Del
Delete selected object
Close Close Esc
Close current screenshot in lite mode
Font Font  
Change font of drawing text
Change font

Screenshot settings
Screenshot settings
  • [1] There are two editor modes:
    • Lite - single mode
    • Extended - multi mode

    Lite mode - when you capture a screenshot, editor opens automatically in one window and this window stays on top. After save or upload - editor will be closed.

    Extended mode - captured screenshot will be opened in multi-windows editor, here you can edit few screenshots, create new empty files, save/upload screenshot few times.

  • [2] There are two output formats:
    • PNG
    • JPEG

    Screenshot will be saved on disk as file or uploaded on the server in selected format and quality.

  • [3] Screenshot with delay - here you can setup a delay in seconds. This value will be used for capture screen after selected count of seconds.

  • [4] Screenshot preview - If this option is checked - then after you click upload - will be started your default webbrowser and opened page with uploaded screenshot.

xScreenshot account settings
xScreenshot account settings

This window can be used for assign xscreenshot program with your account on our website.

After you type an Account access key all your uploaded screenshots will be linked with your account.

Then you can login and manage screenshots. They are ordered by dates. Available statistics. Or you can delete screenshot if don't like share it any more.

You can Create account here. Or Login here.

xScreenshot clipboard settings
xScreenshot clipboard settings
This window can be used for configure received data into your clipboard (buffer). There are five kinds of receiving links on your uploaded screenshot:
  • Direct link - this is a direct link on file with screenshot from our server. Example of direct link:
  • Forum BB code with link - this is special formatted link with added BB CODE for paste it into forum messages. Example of Forum link:
    [URL=http://view.xscreenshot.com/cf3dfb6b055ea008bea46254adf5cf95] [IMG] http://view.xscreenshot.com/file_cf3dfb6b055ea008bea46254adf5cf95 [/IMG] [/URL]
  • Short link - This is special king of link with reduced link length. Can be used for send in messages with limited content length. Like twitter or SMS or MMS. Example of short link:
  • Blog link - This is a link with added html code. Can be used for easy paste into blogs, articles or comments with html support.
  • Template - This type of link can be used for create own template. In template you can paste any text or html code. For paste link to screenshot inside template use placeholders: [LINK], [FILE], [THUMBNAIL].
xScreenshot watermark settings
xScreenshot watermark settings
This windows can be used for setup watermark which will be placed on every your screenshot. Here you can select watermark position:
  • Left top corner of screenshot
  • Left bottom corner of screenshot
  • Right top corner of screenshot
  • Right top corner of screenshot
Then you can select a watermark type. It could be:
  • Your own text
  • Image from file. Better use transparent PNG.
  • Current date and time

Commandline parameters
-capture or -c
-delay or -d
Example: xscreenshot -c -d

Your screen will be captured and opened in editor. After close - editor will be unloaded from memory. You can use commandile for assign global hot key (shortcut) on xscreenshot program. How to use global hot key with xscreenshot? -delay parameter should be used with -capture. Delay time value loading from the settings.

Additional keys controls
CTRL - can be used for keep selected tool active and add few same shapes on the screenshot. Very useful when adding Numbered arrows.
SHIFT - can be used for change shape drawing rules during resizing or moving it. For example when selected ellipse tool - SHIFT helps you draw circle. When Line or Arrow tool active - SHIFT helps you draw it with fixed angle.
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